It is like nothing else we had tried before. Staff was so engaged and entertained. We had the session on a weekend. Jonel made our day. We actually learned and had fun at the same time! Very interesting and inspiring sessions.

Mr. Agron Shehaj, CEO

Improve your business

We have grown from the bottom up, slowly and steady. We have put people and service quality first, and we do the same for our partners and clients. We usually start with some form of diagnostics like mystery shopping, needs analysis, and process assessment. Then we decide the best course of action for change. Usually the three tools below are utilized to help you grow:

Team Building & Staff Retreats

Our team building activities invite your team to both have fun as a group and learn how to be more effective in the workplace, all through experiential learning. Indoor and outdoor team building activities are fun, exciting and cost-effective as they are priced on a per person basis and provide proven results.

Digital Training with Harvard

Together with Harvard Business School, we have built an opportunity for entry level, mid-level and upper management professionals to follow training through the digital learning system of Harvard Business School.

Training Solutions

You understand that staff development is paramount to business growth. We do too! It is not marketing, sales, production, or even office management. Developed staff is motivated, professional, and likely to stay. Create that legacy in your organization, and we can help you get there. Explore our topics and catalog.


Try Team Building and Game Based Learning for free. If you would like to join any ISN Albania sessions, join us for a complementary taster today.