Team Building & Staff Retreats


It is like nothing else we had tried before. Staff was so engaged and entertained. We had the session on a weekend. Jonel made our day. We actually learned and had fun at the same time! Very interesting and inspiring sessions.

Mr. Agron Shehaj, CEO

Team building sessions are organized to provide a fun and constructive environment, while learning new tools and techniques in dealing with personal and workplace issues. We call them games with an agenda, because each game and each activity implemented is followed up by a deep discussion on meaning, interpretation, conduct, and an exploration of how concepts transfer to the workplace. Our behavior analysts and coaches will give concrete tools and strategies to adapt in the workplace immediately. Additional time is devoted to reflection and self-awareness.

Sessions vary from 1-2 days, and there are no minimum or maximum audience sizes. We have welcomed groups of 12 as well as 200 in our team building events. Events are held outdoor and indoor, depending on preferences, as well as program design from our coaches.

The final program and selection of games and activities is determined after briefing sessions with the client. The list below if indicative of the diversity of games and activities available.

Games & activities

Team Brunch

This is our most unique experience, where teams are taken away from the city into a secluded area to cook and consume their own brunch. Along the way, we discuss and reflect on current and future planning, and workplace issues that need clarity of mind to be addressed.



Build-a-Boat Workshop

Another unique and memorable team effort, this activity is designed to coordinate a complex work schedule to build an actual sailing boat from wood. By utilizing carefully prepared boat designs, sourcing materials, and under the supervision of naval engineers and architects, the team works to build a life-size, true sailing boat ready for regattas. Boat is branded with company logo and taken home.


Team Olympics

In this activity the entire group is divided into teams and participates in a simulation of the Olympic games. More than 8 sports are organized in a competitive manner, and team members compete for gold!




The Big Picture Puzzle

This is a unique teambuilding event that asks participants to seat back at take a look at the big picture, something we usually forget to do. By working in teams, they draw and paint parts of the big puzzle – which is the Big Picture of your company in the long run. It’s highly fun!




Mixology Cocktail Competition

This is a highly fun and interactive event. Teams are given a set of rules and ingredients to come up with their signature company cocktail. The team formula competes in a cross-team competition. The best cocktail is judged by professional baristas, and is baptized with the name of the company.






Company Anthem Music

This is a signature event. Organized in groups, participants write the lyrics and music to their own company song. It is highly fun, recorded by a professional musician on site and it becomes the official company anthem.




Formula 1

As part of team coordination and communication sessions, during the Formula 1 game participants build and run their own F1 department, including the car, just like Ferrari, McLaren, or BMW.




Outdoor Survival

Organized in the outdoors, this activity trains participants important leadership and teamwork skills while in the wild. They will learn to guide the group, influence decision making, and provide solutions in nontraditional settings.




Stick Parking Challenge

A seemingly easy task, turns out to be very difficult to complete in the absence of coordination and team communication. The coaches will cover concepts of work planning, strategizing, and on-time delivery.




Balloon Wars

Organized as an energizer, this activity aims to create some noise and ruckus post-lunch. Participants are invited to compete against each other in a balloon fight, but not all is so evident and easy!




Spider Web

A challenging and engaging activity, the Spider Web focuses on trust, patience, and strategy. Participants learn to plan, breakdown, and deliver.





The Rube Goldberg Machine

Made famous by the Red Bull challenge, this activity aims to bring seemingly unrelated groups together to form a unified whole, so that the entire machine runs smoothly – top to bottom.





Here we talk music! The team is instructed to write an original piece of music and play it. Recording is available for the team to reflect and reminisce later.





In this category, several construction projects are offered in the team building sessions. They include building machines, wells, bicycles, and furniture. Creations are then donated to the charities of the participants’ choice.




Ring Net Ball

It is challenging to transport a tennis ball without touching it. In this simulation we dare the participants to do so, all the while considering a few uncommon barriers to achievement like bureaucracy, lack of trust, miscommunication and lack of motivation.



Flying Carpet

Organized in teams, the flying carpet has to change directions in a concerted effort so that no team member is left behind. It focuses on planning, strategizing, and good communication.




Human Ladder

Divided in groups, participants are challenged to go from one corner of the class to the other without touching the ground. They are given assistance with some for of “human ladders.”




Team Portraits

Everyone is unique, and first impressions matter – or do they? In this activity we explore exactly that by becoming portrait painters for 20 minutes.




Meditation & Mindfulness

It is customary for our team building, retreats, and training to have relaxation and mindfulness sessions programmed all throughout the day. Meditation and reminiscence is crucial to opening and finishing the day.





Nothing brings people together more than food. In team building sessions we organize cooking classes, tasting events, sushi nights, mixology and bakery (especially in the Christmas season).





In addition to Team Olympics, we organize sporting activities within any of the team building sessions. We can do minigolf tournaments, kayaking outdoor, stand up paddle boarding, badminton and overnight camping.




Cultural Tourism

Here we encourage participants to combine team building with cultural enlightenment. Our coaches and guides take them to the most notable heritage sites of Albania, and these visits are combined with other games, coaching, and workshops.



Many more activities and games are part of our toolkit at ISN Albania. A careful selection of games, sports, activities is decided with each client to fit the needs and the situation that needs resolve.



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