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Corporate Team Building Facilitator/Coordinator

(8 positions available)

Position Overview

This is an on demand, as-needed position for our corporate and organizational team building programs. Each program is a half-day, full day, or overnight and can range from Philanthropic/Corporate Social Responsibility Programs, Team Building, and Team Consulting/Development Programs. The role of a Facilitator is to assist with set-up of the event, manage a station or assigned role during the program, usher participants, keep order, give directions, clean up, prepare venue, help lead facilitators, and arrange the location after the event. We are looking for detail-oriented, organized, energetic, outgoing individuals who like to have FUN! The ideal person would not be afraid to talk to people first, to entertain, and to guide with poise.

We will provide all tools and resources for you to be successful.

Job Responsibilities

  • Be loud and hands on (i.e. be in the spirit of ISN Albania philosophy)
  • Facilitate groups of 10-12 people through multiple team building activities
  • Location setup, clean up, and risk management
  • Facilitate team building initiatives, group games, ice breakers, and warm-ups
  • Score-keeping
  • Group management

Position Requirements

  • 1-3 years of team building or event management experience preferred but not required.
  • Excellent communication, leadership, and teamwork skills (loud voices needed!).
  • Proficient skills in the following: team building initiatives, group games, risk and group management.
  • English proficiency is required.

Work Locations

  • Most ISN Albania events are off the beaten path, into non-traditional venues.
  • Expect non-Tirana events.
  • Locations include most cities in Albania, Croatia, Greece, Spain, Italy and the closer region.
  • Own transportation is not required, and is provided by the company.

Pay & Benefits

  • Hired candidates start at 700Lek/hour and progress to 900-1,000Lek per hour, net, within 3 months.
  • Hired candidates start week-long training and development program for ISN Albania method
  • Successful candidates are certified by Harvard Business School management training program
  • Work travel and lodging is covered and paid for by ISN Albania and its partners for all events

To Apply

Please send a letter of motivation to [email protected] with your contact info as heading. No CV is needed. Interview is done half in Albanian and half in English.

For typical event snapshots please follow @isnalbania on Instagram.

Deadline for position is September 1, 2019 or as soon as all positions are filled.