Digital Training with Harvard


It is like nothing else we had tried before. Staff was so engaged and entertained. We had the session on a weekend. Jonel made our day. We actually learned and had fun at the same time! Very interesting and inspiring sessions.

Mr. Agron Shehaj, CEO

What is it?

Together with Harvard Business School, we have built an opportunity for entry level, mid-level and upper management professionals to follow training through the digital learning system of Harvard Business School. Through the right of access at ISN Albania, professionals can register and access certified content and applicable know-how directly from Harvard ManageMentor platform.



Content and Schedule

  • There are 40 topics to choose from all areas of business management
  • Each topic takes 4-6 hours to complete
  • A year-long training syllabus can be developed to cover all topics
  • Applicable tools transfer knowledge to the workplace
  • 100% online and completed at your own time


System View

Available Topics

Together with Harvard Business School, we offer digital access to the following online learning topics:

Manage Yourself

Career Management; Delegating; Goal Setting; Managing Upward; Meeting Management; New Manager Transitions; Presentation Skills; Stress Management; Time Management; Writing Skills;

Manage Others

Change Management; Coaching; Developing Employees; Difficult Interactions; Dismissing an Employee; Feedback Essentials; Global Collaboration; Hiring; Laying Off Employees; Leading & Motivating; Performance Appraisals; Persuading Others; Retaining Employees; Team Leadership; Team Management; Virtual Teams;

Manage the Business

Budgeting; Business Case Development; Business Plan Development; Crisis Management; Customer Focus; Decision Making; Diversity; Ethics at Work; Finance Essentials; Innovation & Creativity; Innovation Implementation; Marketing Essentials; Negotiating; Performance Measurement; Process Improvement; Project Management; Strategic Thinking; Strategy Execution;


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