Building Resilience in the Workplace


Stresses and pressures in the modern workplace threaten the resilience of businesses. Resilience in the workplace is all about the workforce being able to adjust to new situations, maintain the same level of output and customer service, and preserve a positive sense of purpose in a business.

The Benefits of Building Resilience in the Workplace

Unexpected situations arise all the time which can cause fluctuations in workload, organizational restructuring and re-skilling to keep up with new technologies. A workforce that has resilience ingrained in it will be significantly more capable to adapt to such changes. As well as making them more resilient and able to cope with change, this investment in people also makes them more loyal, motivated and happier overall, encouraging them to stay with a company. Improving the capabilities of managers and leaders not only inspires a team spirit, it helps achieve positive results in other areas of the business. How do we do this?

Invest in Health and Wellbeing

Happy and healthy staff are less stressed, anxious and depressed. As a result, properly embedding health and wellbeing practices into a workplace is proven to increase staff retention, performance and motivation.

Develop Management and Leadership Skills

If an organization’s leaders demonstrate good leadership skills and resilience, this has a knock-on effect across a company. Good leaders can instil a positive working environment, foster motivation and give everyone a sense of purpose.

Tested Change Management Procedures

Having to undergo an organizational restructure or adapt to important new business circumstances can cause untold stress on a workforce. Within this, open communication with employees is critical. All businesses go through times of change – employees can be helped to see it as a challenge rather than a threat.

Promote Staff Benefits

Actively encouraging employees to take advantage of staff benefits such as flexible working, training opportunities and access to support services helps in many ways. Employees can achieve a work-life balance and be supported to develop themselves professionally and personally.

Building resilience in the workplace is good for business. As part of an ongoing process, it can change a workforce from being one that panics during times of change, into a workforce that thrives in such situations. Implemented in day-to-day work life and through dedicated sessions on away days, business resilience is as much a sign of a well-supported workforce as it is of a company worth doing business with.

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