Outdoor Leadership Bootcamp eshte nje program i pazakonte trajnimi per lidershipin. I organizuar ne 3 dite (2 nete) grupi sfidohet te drejtoje ne kushte te pazakonta, aty ku lideri vihet ne sprova te verteta. I bere i gjithi outdoor, programi sfidon cdo gje qe ne kemi menduar deri sot per lidershipin. Aktivitetet: E vecanta e […]

Employee engagement is centered on staff feeling aligned with a company’s goals and values. If this is achieved, they feel motivated to give their very best to contribute to organizational success. Here’s how to create an employee engagement action plan to suit the unique needs of your organization: Find out Where You Stand You can’t […]

Company values are crucial for positive organizational culture and maintaining a competitive business edge, but only if they’re properly integrated into the workplace. Many businesses take the time to define company values, but struggle to find meaningful ways to integrate them among their people. Yet if employees are genuinely connected to company values, teams become […]

Experiential learning is all around us. It’s almost impossible to learn a language without trying to converse with people, and it’s difficult to climb the career ladder without gaining experience, learning from each other and receiving ongoing training. Put simply, experiential learning is learning by doing. It’s seen as being the most effective way of […]

Stresses and pressures in the modern workplace threaten the resilience of businesses. Resilience in the workplace is all about the workforce being able to adjust to new situations, maintain the same level of output and customer service, and preserve a positive sense of purpose in a business. The Benefits of Building Resilience in the Workplace […]

Experiential Learning is hands on, practical and functional learning that you can see, touch and sometimes even taste, but possibly more importantly experiential learning gives the opportunity to review and reflect on the learning. Experiential learning isn’t just about getting teams together to learn how to communicate better. It’s so much more; Inspiring team dynamics […]

Evidence shows that employees are more stressed than ever before due to work, impacting both health and business success. Implementing simple but tangible changes in the workplace can combat stress and create an environment that is altogether more positive. Stress in the workplace is a serious issue, but there are steps that can be taken […]

Inspired by Aristotle’s saying “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts”, Google has recently come to the end of a five-year project called Project Aristotle, to research what makes teams effective at Google. The broad conclusion was that the interaction of team members, how they structure their work and how they feel […]

Taking time out of the office for team meetings, conferences and training are all important parts of keeping any business on track. Yet time is precious and companies are under pressure to get as much value as possible when spending time away from day-to-day operations. Adding a team building element to your conference, meeting or […]